Thursday, August 06, 2009

From the heart to the heart!

My friend Jill, who I met many years ago at a shiur "Women and Halacha" given by Rabbi Aryeh Frimmer at the Jacob Berman Community Center in Rehovot. She also led an afterschool course for kids to learn karate which my youngest daughter participated in.

Jill is the Executive Director of El HaLev, a non-profit org in Israel that empowers women, children and people from vulnerable populations through the Martial Arts and Self Defense.

Read all about this amazing project over at Powerupmama.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Risa and more power to ya!

Just a note: The woman in white kicking in this picture is a Maestra in Capoiera. Originally from Equador, she discovered and committed herself to her Torah roots, got her instructor interested in his until he also became religious, married him and made aliyah. They have a bunch of little Sabras, and, together with various members of their families now living in Israel, teach Capoiera as both a physical and spiritual discipline. She is one of the "diamonds in the rough" we had the privilege to polish at El HaLev.

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