About ME!

I arrived in Israel in June of 1967. I don't remember not being a Zionist. In fact what I do remember is how natural it felt to be a Zionist. 
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I spent the next forty something years building a life here. I guess what describes me best is Jewish Zionist Mother and Grandmother. Some of the pieces on the blog are about Judaism like this one about Simchat Torah. There are lots about things going on around me in Israel.

Of course, this blog is called Isramom because of all the 
kids and grandchildren!
They are all over the place in this blog. But my personal favorite motherhood post is 
My Baby's Baby 

It turns out that several decades before Herzl founded the Zionist movement my grandmother's great-grandparents had already fulfilled their dream of returning to Jerusalem. It took some lucky coincidences but we found one of their graves on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. 
Read about that here. 

For more people who shaped my character see: 

and Honoring My Father's Memory 

Saturday Closed about my grandfather. 

I've written lots about my family. I married to David who recently began blogging on his own after resisting cybermodernization for as long as he could. Do You Believe in Miracles was his debut on Isramom and here's his very own blog!

So, you wanted know more about me? 

Contact me directly: risa.tzohar at gmail dot com 
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