Thursday, August 06, 2009

5 Words + 1 picture says it all!

This picture is making the rounds on the Internet. It led me to the amazing site of the graphic artist Aharon Shevo, who it turns out lives not far from Rehovot.

Mr. Shevo is a graphic artist, a graduate of Bezalel Academy. He was born in Hungary in 1943 where his father Matityahu, also an artist was taken away as slave labor leaving his pregnant mother and several other children never to be heard from again. The family was transported to the gates of Auschwitz when Aharon was just 10 months old. The train waited outside for three days and then was sent back to Vienna. In 1951 the remains of the family made aliya to Israel. The family spent several years in ma'abarot (temporary immigrant housing).

Shevo is also the man responsible for the poster below. Some people have a knack for capturing and summarizing in one piece of art the mood of an era.


Leora said...

Wow. I had seen the top poster, but not that bottom one. I am working on an online course on the History of Zionism, soon to go public, and the Arch of Titus detail is part of the course. Quite striking, that poster. Thanks for telling the artist's story.

Batya said...

Risa, great post. I really admire those graphic artists. Amazing stuff.

Final Fantasy XIV Gil said...

but not that base one. I am operating on an on the internet course on the Record of Zionism, soon to go community, and the Posture of Titus details is aspect of the course. Quite stunning, that poster. Thanks for informing the artists tale.

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