Monday, September 08, 2008

America Is Here! (?)

Ehud Olmert greeted the Nefesh b'Nefesh flight that arrived today. He told them "You have come to the greatest country in the world." and also in referring to the economy (here in Israel) "America is here!"

I guess it's all about definitions (as in it depends on how you define 'is').

I love Israel and I have been a Zionist as long as I can remember (depends, of course, on how you define 'can remember'). I'm not sure anyone would say Israel is the greatest country in the world. I would say it's the Jewish homeland where Jews from all over the world are making an effort to return and rebuild.

As for America being here, well, I guess that depends on how you define 'here'.
For me being 'here' this very special Jewish state. You know, the one that is 'here' when you land in Ben Gurion airport. The one that has a Knesset that is supposed to represent me. The one that's not having elections this November. The one where I won't be voting for anyone named Barak (or Olmert). Oh yeah, that one.

Oh, and for the record I won't be voting in the Novemeber elections there either.
I live 'here'.


Batya said...

Define America.
When Israel recycled, America was disposable. Now when Americans sort their garbage into color-coded containers, we throw it all into the bin and live on plastics.

Rafi G. said...

I live here, but I vote there as well.. I enjoy voting.

YMedad said...

Go on, vote. it's free.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Clancy!

the sabra said...

This post cracked me up.
"depends on how you define 'is'" :D


We're supposed to be making America into Israel (re holiness, opportunity etc), NOT the other way around.

Oh? Oldmert's STILL not askin my opinion? Hmmmm

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