Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What really defines me? 
I'm working on a new banner since some of the photos in the present one are really outdated. (Some change faster than others!) I also noticed that the subtitle really needed to be updated. So I fixed that too. I chose seven words for what's really important in my life. 

I put feminism first. 
Little girls, growing girls, adolescent girls, women need to be able to view themselves positively and grow up expecting to be treated fairly in the workplace, in law, politics and leadership, in educational opportunities and in the workforce. We need to be comfortable with our femininity and our boundaries need to be respected. 

That means I'm for: 
  • Equal pay for equal work and the corollary that women not be penalized or discriminated against because of child care issues. If we don't have a really good system of day care then we need to compensate for that with extended maternity/paternity leave or some other creative solution. Most of us can't be in two places at once. 
  • Positive encouragement of women in leadership roles in business and government. I will not vote for a party which doesn't have women in prominent leadership roles. I want to see more women involved in running thing at all levels. 
And I am against
  • Excluding women from any profession, employment or educational opportunity based on the fact they are women. I once inquired about a government sponsored course in computer maintenance and told by the clerk that he didn't think it was good for me since I might need to lift heavy computers. It didn't work out for other reasons. But really ?
  • Using Misusing women (and children) in advertising. I am annoyed by the pollution of our public spaces and thoroughfares with suggestive and sometimes downright offensive portrayal of women and children. It troubles me when I see women and girls dressing in what I can only describe as degrading. 
What I'd like to see:
Women and men cooperating in making our world (for me that means starting right here in Israel) a safer and more stable place to live. One where women can be what and where they like and not be threatened or viewed as a threat. 
What I don't like to see: 
Man-bashing. It's counterproductive and gives us all a bad name. 

This post will (b'ezrat hashem, bli neder) be followed by others elaborating on the other defining words. 


Leora said...

I like this theme! Look forward to more on this topic.

The "no" on the computer maintenance job was interesting. When I was pregnant with son number 1, I was crawling under desks and installing PCs. I just did it - in retrospect, the dangerous part was related to ignorance on how to handle live wires. Not really related to my pregnancy. 17 years later, he seems to be doing fine.

Risa Tzohar said...

Thanks Leora,
It may have been topped when that same year I inquired about a course in web design (private and very expensive) and the person I spoke to -in person- said that in his opinion I was too old to learn web design. But that's for my post on aging ;)

Batya said...

Risa, You made me think a Me, A Feminist?

David said...

Feminism first on your list? Before Judaism??? I'm disappointed.

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