Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chanuka in the USA

As readers who follow this blog know we spent Chanukah in the US. Below is a picutre of our son-in-law lighting candles at David's parents home in Philadelphia. It was a very happy visit and we had a nice chacne to visit with most of our family in New Jersey and New York as well.

December in the US is an interesting time to visit. When I lived there I found it a difficult time of year.
Some of my earlies memories are of  learning the difference between us and them. Most of the time it didn't matter. But those few weeks, after the inclusive all-American holiday of  Thanksgiving came those weeks of Santas, evergreens and in the very Christian neighborhood where I grew up, nativity scenes. It wasn't a hostile atmosphere and of course I never had to associate it with hiding from marauding Cossaks, as my grandparents did. I never heard an anti-Semitic remark from any of our neighbors. We had warm relations with most of our neighbors. Chanukah did come just at the right time for us to get presents and not have to feel jealous. I only wished I could really be mainstream, in sync with the culture around me. That's why I feel so good here in Israel. Now, I can enjoy a trip to Manhattan to delight in the lovely (if commercial) holiday sights.

Snowy Street in New Jersey

The Deck & The Woods

The Aftermath

Fifth Avenue

Rockefeller Center

Across Central Park at 81st Street

The View from Starbucks
And for  balance, here is the Lubavitchly billed "World's Largest Menorah at 59th St. & Fifth Avenue!


Leora said...

Glad you had a nice trip to my part of the world. You came in time for the biggest snowstorm in New Jersey since the 1990's. It all washed away today.

Thanks for sharing.

Risa Tzohar said...

Thanks Leora! Maybe next time we can get together (if I have more time and better weather).

Anonymous said...

Lovely series of shots; especially 5th avenue.
I love the new heading too - is it fairly new or did I miss it?

Baila said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love being in Israel, but I do miss my "hometown" of NY sometimes. Missed you at the Blogger's event.

Frugal Dougal said...

Hi Risa - brill pics!

I've started a new "feature" over at my place and have linked to this post fourth down, with the link in your pic as well. I hope it's ok to do this - please tell me if it isn't - FD

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