Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Renewed Israel Museum

Batya has the Kosher Cooking Carnival which is aptly named the Pre-Holiday Edition. We have a lot of eating coming up over the next two months so now is the time to begin preparing. 
Last week's Haveil Havalim  can be found over at Ima on (and off) the Bima. There should be a new one up soon, but if you've been vacationing (like me) you probably still have to read last week's posts to catch upSoccer Dad, who is the founding father of Haveil Havalim, hosted this 280th edition. Yasher Koach!
We've been having a great time travelling around Israel. We visited the Israel Museum which was just re-opened after a major renovation. It was built at a time when everyone must have been young and healthy and didn't mind walking long distances in the hot sun. Joe Settler was there with his kids and has some nice pictures. (The guards warned me not to take any more pictures, so here's my only one.) So now you buy your tickets inside, in the air-conditioned entrance and walk up through a covered tunnel. 
The children's museum is close to the entrance. Joe's kids enjoyed their time there.  I am partial to museums that set aside special areas for children since I have very fond memories of the children's wing at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. They don't have a dedicated children's wing there anymore, they have activities for kids in groups but not just a place where your mom can take you and you can touch things and learn.  
David and I spent a lot of time in the archaeology section and promised ourselves that we would come back soon to see the rest. We did come back in the evening for a lovely concert in the sculpture garden
Rehovot is just a short ride from Jerusalem so we will be going back again. 


Batya said...

Sounds like a fun day. I haven't been there yet since it reopened. Did you contact "the baby at your wedding?" She works there.

Batya said...

ps thanks for mentioning KCC!

Risa said...

I knew she works there but maybe next time. We had a busy day and didn't get to see half the things we wanted to.
Hope to see you this week.

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