Monday, August 16, 2010

Making the Desert Bloom: The MOVIE!

The term "Zionism" has been taking a beating even here in Israel. Media and opinion-makers have been informing us that we are now post-Zionism. That may account for some of the indifference to the injustice and self-defeating nature of the 'disengagement' from Gush Katif. There is no denying that in some circles the connection between putting down roots dunam by dunam, plant by plant, tree by tree is seen as an outmoded concept of neo-colonialism. The word 'settlers' has become a pejorative for some.
Watch this video, see what Zionism without quotes can be.
See that Zionism is every bit as relevant today as it was a hundred years ago.
Zionism is alive and thriving!
Yasher koach to Kerem Ramon!

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Ed. said...

It was good to hear British PM David Cameron say, before the election over here, "if believing that the Jews should have a homeland is Zionism, then I am a Zionist." How bitterly disappointing, then, to hear him describe Gaza post-election as a "prison" and call on Israel to act, when - if you want to extend the metaphor - the PA is the gaoler and Israel the prison visitor.

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