Monday, August 02, 2010

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This week's Haveil Havelim is here at Israel Situation.

Ilana Davita has posted an iterview with ME! See it here.

Rafi, over at Life in Israel has a rather strong comment on Chelsea Clinton's wedding to a Jewish man on Shabbat. I can only add that it struck me as rather disgraceful that a 'rabbi' participated in this sad comedy. Who is he kidding???
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Isramom,
Regarding Chelsea Clinton's marriage with a rabbi presiding, I consider it lovely that the two cultures can combine. With all due respect, we are here on Earth to be our best. The Earth is too wonderful to allow ourselves to be limited by unnecessary rules. I say "unnecessary" because that is what I think, and I am sure you do not agree. We will both to do our best, and I will continue to read your blog.

Batya said...

Risa, that wedding is so many sins. A faux rabbi and tallit don't make it kosher.

Sabba Hillel said...

Another point is if the "rabbi" had him say "Harei at mekudeshes li k'das Moshe v'Yisrael", he has actually declared that the wedding is invalid.

The translation says this explicitly. It means the wedding is being done "according to the law of Moshe" (the Torah) and Yisroel (all applicable rabbinic enactments). Since all the laws explicitly forbid this and say that it is invalid in any sense, he has actually gotten up in front of everyone and declared it a mock "wedding".

Similarly, taking an "oath" with the Methodist Minister means that they have declared that what they did with the "Rabbi" is meaningless and vice versa. Thus, the "rabbi" being there declares that what the minister said is not to be considered and was invalid.

It is "interesting" that with both "clergy" of them there, they committed sins in both religions.

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