Sunday, August 01, 2010

Italian in Jerusalem

I have always felt at home in Jerusalem, having spent many wonderful years there. It is where David and I met and married and set up our first home. Life has taken us elsewhere but it's always nice to come 'home'. Last week we spent a day there and among other things we had lunch at the lovely Pera e Mela in Piazza (Pear & Apple in the Square) אגס ותפוח בכיכר. The restaurant is located in Kikar Safra on Jaffa Road where the municipality has its offices. It is just a hop skip and jump from the Jaffa Gate and we were on our way to the Kotel so we stopped in there.
This is an Italian dairy restaurant run by an Italian couple who used to live in Ramat Hagolan. We came mid-afternoon so the lunch crowd was already gone. The restaurant is tastefully decorated. The wooden tables and chairs give it a warm homey feeling and the pictures on the walls are tasteful.  I had baked potatoes with topped with broccoli and cheese which came with a salad and pesto dressing. David had spinach ravioli in tomato and mushroom sauce and a Greek salad (not shown). We liked what we had and it looks like there are many more interesting things on the menu including whole meals with fish. We will definitely be going back for a more leisurely dinner some time.

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Batya said...

good post for kcc

I remember eating in their restaurant when it first opened and was small.

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