Monday, February 07, 2011

New Moon Over Rehovot

This year we have an extra month in the Jewish year. It's 13 months instead of 12 so that Passover will be celebrated in the spring. and not in early March which is usually not very spring-like. Although this year, we could have pretended it was spring in December. For now, it is raining and has been, on and off, for the past few days giving hope that we might get a bit of winter this year after all. You can see the clouds in the twilight and that little smile in the top left corner is the new moon. 
New moon in the Jblogsphere brings a with it a slew of carnivals and reviews. 
Mrs. S is hosting her first-ever Kosher Cooking Carnival over at Our Shiputzim.
The JackB is hosting the Haveil Havalim #303. 
Esser Agorot has a round-up of the Kehilla Bloggers.

So while there are really no holidays for another 6 weeks you can take advantage of the lull and read everyone's blogs. Or you could start baking for Purim. Or you could start cleaning for Pesach. 


Ariella said...

I just put up a post on the 2 Adars at

Mrs. S. said...

Great shot, and thanks for the link!

Batya said...

love the post
We do have a women's holiday every month, Rosh Chodesh.
When's the double-date? We haven't done that for decades...

Isreview said...

I never can get a good shot of the new moon like that. Granted I am not a great photographer at all but the wind always seems to blow and make my new moon photos blurry. I like the way the clouds look -let it rain let it rain let it rain:)
Hi I'm a "new kid on the block" wanted to introduce myself and my blog.
I love trying new things and giving my "2 shekels" worth on them.
You and your readers might enjoy reading my reviews.
Thanks for taking a look

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