Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Gems!

Jen, a British 'mummy blogger' with a blog called "The King and Eye" has a lovely idea to which I was introduced by rikismom over at "Beneath the Wings" (a blog about life in Israel, dealing with her daughter's handicap and meeting life's challenges). Its called Blog Gems and it's a meme for 'dusting off and airing your old blog posts'. 
I like the idea, so I have linked to my post My Baby's Baby and have begun reading other folks choices beginning with rikismom's Motivation Discipline and Willpower which is especially relevant to me as my dieting efforts while initially successful have reached a plateau. I am trying very hard to motivate myself. Rikismom is an inspiration. 
So go on over and read some good stuff. Dust off your old posts as well. 

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