Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Anti-Semitism is Alive and Growing

I'd like to call your attention to a post on the  blog "Coffee and Chemo" where we follow RivkA as she fights cancer which began in her breasts and lives the life of a Zionist in Jerusalem with her husband and 3 children. 
Her title: People Hate Jews Even More Than They Hate Cancer says it well. In a nut shell Israelis invited to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Middle East Conference on Breast Cancer, held in Egypt last week,  were disinvited by order of Egyptian health minister. And we are supposed to be at peace with Egypt. Didn't some folks get the Nobel prize or something? 
Now NOrway's second largest university is will be considering a boycott  of Israel's academics. 

This video gives a few good points about boycotting Israel, her people and her products.  
And then theres also the nifty idea of participating in a Buycott which means buying as many Israeli products as possible and also letting the retailers know you're buying Israeli in support of Israel. 

Academics out there should sign this petition  signed by  Prof. Bjorn Alsberg of Trondheim's NTNU calling on the board of the university to reject the proposed boycott. 


Leora said...

I have been buycotting Israeli products for years. I get perturbed when Brooklyn companies try to masquerade their products as Israeli, in order to get people like me to buy there stuff. Humph.

I can't say Humph to the people in Egypt - they just plain old hate us too much.

Batya said...

Risa, please remember that YESHA products are double boycotted, so try to buy them even more.

Anonymous said...

This is so ridiculous. I too buycott Israeli products whenever I can.

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