Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out of the kitchen, On to the field!

Look what's going on in women's sports! 

See a video of the Palestine women's soccer team first home game here: 

and read the New York Times account of the game and backround

Money quote: 
"The stadium sits half a block from Israel’s West Bank separation barrier. ... On Sunday, an Israeli security guard on duty there was stabbed and wounded by a young Palestinian woman."


Melissa said...

It is so good to be back to the blogging world.

Your blog is thought provoking and I learn so much from your posts.

Thank you for creating a wonderful place to visit and learn.


Lady-Light said...

Risa, our son called us up about this incident; it happened on his shift--he guards in the same area sometimes, and was there when it happened (he didn't see it though). He called us (in the States) to find out the status of the guard who was stabbed, because he hadn't been told anything--it's very upsetting.

Risa said...

Melissa, glad to have you back!
LL, I find it ironic that the terrorist was a woman and yet these women can just go on and play as if nothing happened.

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