Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kislev: A new month, A new baby

Gali: Discover G-d's Glory In This World
The Jewish month of Kislev arrived on Friday bringing with it our new granddaughter. On Shabbat all over the world we read the weekly portion Toldot. In the synagogue at Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus my son was called to the Tora to bless and name his new born daughter.
With great diffiuculty Rivka conceives twins and we are told ויתרוצצו הבנים ברבה "And the children struggled together within her". A famous midrash tells us that when she passed by the place where there was idolatry Esav wanted to get out and participate and when she passed the place where the God of Abraham was exalted Yaakov wanted to get out and participate. But we also know our children are taught Tora by an angel up until the time they are born and then when they enter this world they must give up that knowledge only to re-learn it for themselves during their lifetime. If that is so then why was Yaakov so anxious to get out? The reason is that knowledge we achieve by working hard to learn and discover for ourselves is of greater value to us than what is handed to us without any effort on our part. So while the knowledge and understanding of G-d and his Tora that we acquire during our lifetime is not 'new', our re-discovery of that knowledge is the source of great joy for us.
Gali is the imperative form of the verb לגלות to reveal, discover or find out. Her parents wish for her is that she discover her way to Tora and sanctity.
Amen, may it be God's will.


muse said...

Wonderful Dvar Torah, and bli eyin haraa, Baruch Hashem baby!

My love to all the family!

Anonymous said...

R'YBS returned to that medrash frequently. May the newest Gali of the extended family be zoche to be a strong link in the mesora chain (the rest is commentary)

Anonymous said...

mazal tov!!

Rafi G said...

mazel tov! Beautiful! Mucho Nachas!

Anonymous said...

Mazl tov. Beautiful baby!

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R'YBS came back to that particular medrash often. Might the most recent Gali from the prolonged loved ones end up being zoche to become a powerful hyperlink within the mesora string.

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