Sunday, January 01, 2012

Winter Friday in Rehovot

Nothing says Israel more than Friday noontime downtown. People are coming and going with their last minute purchases and there is a general feeling of rushing to get ready. By 3 PM (summer or winter) everything is closed or closing down. Religious and the not yet religious alike are winding things down in preparation for something that unites us all. Shabbat, shabbos, sabbath. This is Israel's day of rest. No matter how you define it. 

My daughter Racheli and I met for conversation, coffee and quiche on Friday. I met her on the busiest corner of  downtown Rehovot. The one where these three men have been singing for many years. They brighten even the grayest of Fridays making getting ready for Shabbat special. 

Racheli and I spent almost two hours at a lovely cafe and bakery a few blocks from this crosswalk where the proprietors had enlisted this gentlemen (dressed as I'm not so sure exactly what) to brighten our coffee date. 
Have a great week everyone!


hani skutch said...

Loved this blog. Thanks for capturing the feeling of Rehovot on Fridays so well. You describe it perfectly.

Risa Tzohar said...

Thanks for visiting and thanks for the compliment!

Batya said...

This post appears in me-ander: Practicing Before Getting Back into the HH Saddle. Check out the others and share, thanks

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