Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Children, Ourselves

Chuck Hornstein hy"d
Eli Solomon hy"d  (left) 
Thirty-eight years ago our country was engaged in a war of survival and we came pretty close to not winning. You can not avoid the association of Yom Kippur with the war as it marks the beginning of the memorials for the fallen soldiers. Over two thousand soldiers were killed between Yom Kippur 1973 and the final cease fire agreement with the Syrians in May 1974. I lost two good friends in that war Eli Solomon hy"d and Chuck Hornstein [I described my feelings about going to their memorials last year (here).]  
Last night when I got around to seeing the news on the computer I was greeted by reports of  renewed shelling in the south. I re-shared a link to because as they say "many media outlets do not report on these attacks". It often does seem like we hear and see more about Israel's retaliation than the rockets which provoke the reaction. Yesterday a 56 year old father of four and grandfather of five was killed in Ashkelon when one of those rockets hit his car on the road home. 

I teared up when I saw the following immediate response from Debbie, Eli's younger daughter.
We want to believe that things will be better for our children and our grandchildren after them. We want to believe that we have fought the last war, that our children will not have to. Is it too much to want Eitan to celebrate his birthday with a cake, with his classmates in their school?


mother in israel said...

"We want to believe that things will be better for our children and our grandchildren after them." Yes.
I hope Eitan can celebrate in school very soon.

Batya said...

Oh, Risa, poor little Eitan, and poor Debbie for having to have to explain the dangers to him. That's the human face of life here.

38 years... hard to believe

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