Monday, August 15, 2011

Flying (& other news)

That's my almost 6 year old granddaughter 'Bunji jumping' at a local shopping center this week. She is getting ready to go to the first grade. Just two weeks away!
They came to say l'hitraot (see ya) because we are flying to Philadelphia tonight for two weeks of visiting family there and in the New York/New Jersey area.
Meantime Havel Havelim #325 is hosted by To Kiss a Mezzuzah and while there is a lull in posting around the net (I am not the only one going on vacation) take a look at  JPIX and Kosher Cooking Carnival
 Here she is with her brand new ready to go rain resistant back pack and trolley set. (The school is about 100 yards from their house and it rarely rains in Mitzpe Ramon, but we are prepared!) Good luck in your new career young lady!


Batya said...

Thanks for mentioning the jblogs.
Have a great trip, love to your mother and in-laws.
we also have one going into 1st grade!

Anonymous said...

hey-what about her brother? :-)

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