Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Real Life!

Last night the Jbloggersphere welcomed Hadassah of In The Pink and William Daroff.

Also there were many folks from my sidebar like the Medads of me-ander, Shilo Musings, My Right Word etc. and Mom in Israel, Life in Israel, Benji of What War Zone etc. etc. There was lots of cheer and good food and drink. A good time was had by all. 
Definitely worth doing if you're visiting Israel!


Rafi G. said...

nice collage

Mrs. S. said...

Looks like fun! Sorry I missed it.

Batya said...

Love the collage, but love you more! It was great seeing you there and all our blog/fb friends, too.

Risa said...

Rafi & Batya: I made the collage with Picasa in about 3 minutes flat. It's very easy and intuitive to use.
Mrs. S: I am eager to meet to you and enjoy your blog a lot.
The evening was just fun, no pressure and lots of good conversation.

HSaboMilner said...

Every time I look back on that evening I am just filled with warm fuzzies. So awesome to meet you!

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