Sunday, May 08, 2011

What's black and white and Re(a)d all over?

A blushing zebra?
No, in the old days the answer was "a newspaper" 
Reading is no longer black and white, nor are newspapers.
The JBlogsphere is up to its eyeballs in color as witness this week's carnival reviews. Enjoy!
Ilana-Davita, our favorite blogger in France hosts JPix. I imagine it took lots of work to set up such a fine review of photos posted by the JBloggers around the web. A hearty 'kol hakavod' to her.
Ben-Yehudah put together the overview of JBloggers, Haveil Havalim entitled "One Wedding & A Funeral" with lots to read.
According to the site Leora of Here in HP is busy getting the Kosher Cooking Carnival together and we are hungrily awaiting the post! Judging by Leora's lovely blog, it will be well worth reading.


Leora said...

Thanks for the pre-shout out - I just hit publish on KCC During the Omer

Ben-Yehudah said...

Thanks for the plug!

Hag Same'ah!

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