Sunday, March 13, 2011

We are all Settlers!

So, we unplug ourselves for Shabbat and then after Havdala we realize that while we were happily enjoying ourselves with our children and grandchildren in Mitzpe Ramon a family was murdered in their beds in Itamar a settlement in the Shomron.
This morning, the first person I spoke to asked me how my Shabbat was.
I replied that Shabbat was lovely, until it ended and we heard the news.
He asked.
"Did you know them?"
Did I?
They were a couple in their mid-30's with six kids, none of them yet even in their teens, living in an isolated settlement with a fence around it keeping Shabbat, teaching Torah and building Eretz Israel.
Do I know them?


Leora said...

If I didn't read Facebook, I wouldn't have even known. It is a blink on some news pages, and I have no idea if it was on the radio.

So sad. And a lesson that we must care about our own, because no one (or few others) will.

Ima2seven said...

I feel the same way. Like they are the kind of people that I know. That their children are our children now - all of us. So heartbreaking.

Risa said...

Thanks for coming by Leora and Ima. I hope we hear better news this week.

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