Sunday, March 27, 2011

And you shall live by them וחי בהם

Last week  Susan B celebrated with Haveil Havalim #309 the Purim edition and this week Izgad has #310 the Hangover edition. 
Then, there are those of us (mostly women) for whom post-Purim means pre-Pesach and pre-Pesach means cleaning or stressing-out over cleaning. Just look at my friends Batya and A Mother in Israel.

OK, so today I decided that enough is enough and attacked my bedroom. Now, we don't often (if ever really) eat in the bedroom but I do sometimes have stuff in my bag which sometimes comes with me into that room. Anyway our bed is heavy and I move it only once a year. So, while this doesn't actually count as looking for chametz it is something I do every year before Purim and Pesach (whether it need it or not ;)) So today was the day. Besides moving the bed, I took out the shoe drawers at the bottom of the closet and swept there (no chametz there either) and moved a few other pieces of furniture that we have and gave the whole thing a dusting and wash. OK, so besides finding a few (OK more than a few) stray socks and some other odd things on the floor I also found some coins. Aha! Fruit of my labors. I thought it was significant and worth sharing that under the bed I found 18 shekels. Surely a good sign. (18 in Gematria - the system of assigning numerical value to Hebrew letters - is chai or life). 
 Then under the heavy bureau I found 1.20 shekel (120 agorot) and we all know what 120 signifies. (The longest life expectation we have. Based on Moses having lived a full life of 120 years.) Definitely a good sign.
 And then it all got spoiled by another shekel found next to the bookcase by the door. But of course I could say that that is one for good luck!
Enjoy your post-Purim pre-Pesach season!


Batya said...

I can't move our beds; there isn't enough room in the room.

So, will the treasure go for a treat?

And thanks for the link

Risa said...

To move the bed, I have to take out the night tables. Yes, I am going to have some ice cream! I deserve it.

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

I assume that the 1 was HaShem signing His Name (ד' אחד) to the previous two messages...

Risa said...

RH, I thought of that but it just seemed that a new Israeli shekel was not appropriate for ד' אחד (too devalued)

Diablesse said...

Your blog just gives me a taste of Israel ad what we're missing, us Jews in other country.
It made me happy to read your post because i don't live with my family who is observant and so i miss out on all the holiday spirit :(

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