Monday, November 08, 2010

Protection on the ground and in our hearts

Yesterday I traveled to Tel Shiloh for the the Rosh Chodesh visit to the site where the Mishkan (tabernacle) stood for 369 years and where Channa prayed to God to grant her a child. She become the model on which our sages based the halachot (rules) for prayer, until this very day.
The tel overlooks the road which goes from the Shiloh settlement to Eli and onwards to Ariel.
Once again we witnessed an 'only in Israel' moment!
At the tel we met a group of soldiers fully equipped who were passing through. One of them took out tfillin and put them on. As they were leaving I asked them how they happened to be in the area and they explained that they were on patrol. The Hebrew word for patrol is si'ur (סיור) which is also the word for touring around and so it could also mean just passing by and looking at the sights. So we joked with them that they were protecting us with their prayers  as well as their guns.
I had a wonderful time having spent the rest of the day with f2f with Batya eating a healthy lunch and redecorating her blogs.
Chodesh Tov!


Batya said...

Thanks again. I had a wonderful time and am enjoying the new looks of my blogs. G-d willing we'll f2f again soon.

YMedad said...

Shiloh. With an "h".

In Hebrew, it's שילה although, yes, it does appear as שילו but the accepted spelling is שילה so I think in English, the "h" belongs.

Risa said...

Ok, Winkie, duly noted and changed! Thanks for stopping by, sorry I missed you last week.

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