Sunday, May 09, 2010

Jerusalem for our chiefest joy!

It was a busy week for the Tzohars. Besides celebrating a first haircut in Jerusalem on Sunday (see here) we were blessed with the birth of a granddaughter on Tuesday. She was also born in Jerusalem.

On Wednesday her big sister received her first siddur (prayer book) after a trip from Mitzpe Ramon to the Western Wall.
She received the siddur in the same place and from the same rabbi as her older brother did last year (see here).    
I was in Mitzpe with the other kids but Saba met them in Jerusalem and here's a photo of them in front of the newly rebuilt Hurva synagogue


Leora said...

Mazel tov and enjoy!

Risa said...

Thanks Leora!

Batya said...

Mazal tov! On Tuesday I was in Ofra for a Siddur Party!

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