Friday, August 28, 2009

Sad Birthday Gilad Shalit

I have a friend who says that everyone gives you presents on your birthday but the one who should be honored is your mother after all, she's the one who did all the work! In the case of the Shalit's then this day is a significantly sad one.Aviva Shalit actually apologized to her son
"Sorry for failing to bring you back home to this day, despite our many efforts," she said.

It's not that efforts aren't being made. But it is a very frustrating situation since Israel has to deal with the Hamas. These people don't go by any civilized rules. The Red Cross has not even been allowed to visit Gilad. This leaves concerned civilized governments and citizens to use largely ineffective means. Petitions and demonstrations don't work so well to influence murderers like the Hamas. But keeping Gilad in the news has at least helped to convince Hamas that a live Gilad Shalit is worth more than a dead one.
On that note, I'd like to nominate David Appletree of the Jewish Internet Defense Force for the Send a Friend to the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention. Thanks to NBN for organizing it!


RonMossad said...

Results from the Twitter campaign from last week:

Unfortunately his recent birthday passed in the ugliest of circumstances...hopefully his 24th will not.

Anonymous said...

Sad Birthday Gilad Shalit ? Whata about thousands of palestinian prisoners in israel?

Risa said...

It's too bad you are anonymous, but I will tell you that ALL the prisoners in Israel are allowed visits, packages and letters from their families. So, yes it's a sad birthday when no one can even send you a card.

Anonymous said...

but the fact is that many of them are there without charge or trial. Some of them are there because of stone-throwing at Israeli tanks. I've read about some palestinian, who was detained at an Israeli military checkpoint on his way to work in 2005 and placed in administrative detention, which is imprisonment without charge or trial. He wasn't even permitted to know the accusations against him. BTW, he was was released from administrative detention on 14th May 2007, after TWO years of imprisonment without ANY trial or formal charges being brought against him. Great, huh?

Palestinian prisoners can be also legally tortured without restraint. And yet all you care is one single israeli soldier, who was captured in a war...

Risa said...

Well, still anonymous, and making wild unsubstantiated and grossly misleading statements.
Yes, we care about every single Israeli soldier. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth the Hamas's effort to hold him.

Anonymous said...

it's ok to care about him, but at the same time you should care for those palestinian prisoners (especially women and kidz) sitting in israeli prisons, without ANY trial or formal charges being brought against them. That's all.


still anonymous :)

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