Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Nice Word

Esser Agorot has beach fever, no doubt inspired by the hot (and here in Rehovot) humid weather. Much is going on with the Jewish/Israeli bloggers and he has all the action.

I had to take a sherut yesterday to meet my daughter. A sherut is a a van usually carrying 7-10 passengers . I told the driver where I wanted to get off and he told me the ride would cost 6 shekels. On the way I checked with my daughter so I would know where to meet her. When I asked the driver to let me off where she was waiting. He dutifully stopped and I prepared to get off. As I was stepping down he handed me a shekel (actually two fifty agorot pieces) and said:
"You paid too much, the next stop costs 6 but to here it's only 5. "
I think that has to be some kind of a record. Anyway, it's never happened to me before!


Lion of Zion said...

nice story. although i once pulled up next to a taxi in jerusalem and asked for directions. he said i could follow him for 10 shekel.

on the other hand, i once left a nice tip for a waiter in a jerusalem restaraunt. i left and he ran out after me because he thought i left too much money.

shavuah tov

muse said...

I love those stories!

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