Monday, April 13, 2009

Tales of Two Zionist Cities

Yesterday I took advantage of chol hamoed to visit Tel Aviv!
This month Tel Aviv celebrates it's CENTENIAL!!!
I don't often take time to think about Tel Aviv. But in moments like yesterday when I went with a brach of my family to walk around the newly redone Port of Tel-Aviv, enjoy the sea breeze and take in some of the street performances on the boardwalk I am amazed at what has been built here.
Just think of where the Jewish people were at the beginning of the twentieth century. Those who didn't stay put emigrated to the new world. Now here is this modern secular city where Hebrew is spoken, the major commercial center of the state where close to the majority of Jews live today.

Today, we had a barbeque picnic at a lovely public park in Nes Tziyona (founded in 1883 after a Lubavitcher named Reuven Lerer made a deal where he swapped his house in Odessa with a visiting Templar who had an orange grove in the holy land) where there is a little zoo, lots of grass and playgrounds and sports facilities. We found ourselves a little shaded table right next to the ostriches. A good time was had by all!

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muse said...

So what's your take on Nes Tziona? I've never been there.

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