Monday, December 15, 2008

Dummy Elections in Rehovot Today!

Arutz 2, Israel's second channel is holding mock elections in Rehovot. I was told that Rehovot was picked because our election results in the last elections came close to reflecting the results for the country as a whole. Pretty neat, huh?

I love elections (I think it's an American thing) and I have very strong opinions. I usually know who I'll be voting for way before the elections and I'm usually enthusiastically committed to my party of choice.

This time I'm whats known as a 'floating vote'.
But since even us undecideds will eventually make a decision (I do not hold not voting as an option) I went downtown to stand up and be counted. To make a long story short. I voted Likud.
Although I am not Netanyahu's biggest fan (putting it mildly) I am impressed with many of the names on the list. I am pleased that I will be represented by two religeous women, one of them even from Rehovot! I might still change my mind before election day, but for now I'm fed up with the 'unity' in what used to be the national religeous Zionist camp and see enough like-minded folks in the Likud, who might actually get something done this time around.

Some photos:
Labor (Avoda) presenting it's raison d'etre
likud in rehovot Action at the Likud table and Tzippi Who?

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muse said...

Risa, really, Likud? I gave up on the NRP/Nu/NRP fakes. I don't like the guys running Arieh Eldad's party, but I consider Bibi's Feiglin phobia a bit more than I can stomach, not that I like Feiglin.

It's hard to believe that Arik's been in a coma almost three whole years...

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