Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now, We MUST!!!

So, according to some of my fellow JBloggers Obama's victory should have me worried.

Very worried.

This is because George W. Bush has turned out to be such a great friend of Israel. I may be getting old and forgetful but it seems to me that in 2000, along with many others, I was apprehensive about Bush's attitude towards Israel. Most of us here would have been a lot happier with Al Gore. Besides Bush's other chasoren (negative traits - but in Yiddish it sounds much worse) he (and his old man) was close with 'the Arabs' having the family's money coming from oil deals.

Fast forward 8 very difficult years. To hear it today we never had a beter friend than W. So where did all the terror, the intifada, the sell-out of Gush Katif and abandonment of the displaced families come from. If things are so good, why are they so bad?


Because no one else can do this for us! Sharon sold out Gush Katif. Not Bush. Olmert dragged us through war he didn't know how to win, Livni is, pardon the expression, waffling on Jerusalem and my fellow bloggers think Obama is our problem???

We need to learn from the US. We need to find our own great Jewish hope. We need our own change around here. It's our turn now.

Now, We MUST!!!

Listen to Gila too!

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muse said...

That's right. It's all up to us. Did you read my political stuff on ?

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