Tuesday, July 04, 2006

All Beginnings...

In the meantime this blog is anonymous, so anonymous that I may be the only one paying attention. It wouldn't be the first time!

I am an Israeli who immigrated from the United States 39 years ago. I am married to an American immigrant as well and we have six children and three grandchildren - כן ירבו -may they multiply.

I plan to use this blog to point to things that interest me, concern me, anger me and well, you get the idea, things that don't leave me indifferent.

These days are days of great mourning for the family of Eliyahu Asheri who I'm sure gain little comfort from the capture of the murderers.

In the meantime Gilad Shalit remains in the hearts and prayers of his countrymen.

All of that is in the headlines and that is as it should be. What isn't as it should be is this from Elyashiv Reichner of Yeruham explaining just exactly who has the resources that should be going to the development towns.


mamamitzvah said...


mamamitzvah said...

Hi, I hope I am reaching the correct person. I rec. a note at the VIRTUAL KITCHEN about recipes. Sooooo, I sort of need to know what you are looking for. recipes we have going back 6 generations of varied degrees of Jewish cooks and bakers. LOL. We have fancy, we have simple. Do you want baking or cooking recipes? See, the concept of the VIRTUAL KITCHEN was for give and take between Jews (pref women, but we will allow the well behaved gentleman) to exchange ideas, thoughts, suggestions, complaints, philosophy, religious growth and so on...but of course, as in any good kitchen, all recipe comments are taken seriously. So, my email address is mamamitzvah@gmail.com. I have 2 married daughters in Eretz Yisroel & a son with one foot out of the US. I shall be coming IY"H after Chanukah for Aliyah, my Mom IY"H before Shavuous & Please G-d ,my husband by next year. Once my husband comes, I believe the other children will follow. So, it is nice to meet people ahead of time...I hope we will get to know each other when I get to Yerushalayim. I too am a teacher & considering teaching once I have finished Ulpan.
Good Shabbos & ck out my first real blog I am putting it up now. I expect a few annoyed notes to follow, but that's life. You are in our daavening and please send any names who need to be daavened for.
Sincerely, Rifki

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