Monday, April 11, 2011

An End In Sight?

Halutza, May 2010
Esser Agaroth: Haveil Havalim #312 - It's Time To Talk About The Elephant In The Room begins with a discussion by Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah, this week's esteemed host, of pluralism which I guess would mean including all the posts submitted vs.editorial selection and exclusion of posts which the host deems 'offensive'. Ideally, I come down on the side of inclusion, except that I know that when I hosted there were one or two posts that I did not include because they were from missionary type sites. So, I guess we all have our boundaries for good taste. It's good to talk about it and if a host does disinclude a post it should be noted why. Thanks Ya'aqov for a thoughtful and well done review. (I like it when you can tell that the host actually read all the posts.)

Bibi Netanyahu is talking tough (here) about meeting 'further fire' with a 'harsh response'. In the meantime the Hamas has escalated the shelling only to be thwarted by 'Star Wars" style technology. Iron Dome. Today, as the Viflic family face grief and sorrow of watching their only son Daniel fight for his life in Soroka Hospital  (Iron Dome does not protect school busses from anti-tank missiles) there are some mumblings from Gaza about a 'cease fire'. But as has been pointed out, there has been not one month since Cast Lead without shelling from Gaza.
In some personal news my son's family has moved from their temporary settlement in Yated to the new home of the Atzmona Pre-military Prep Yeshiva in the new settlement Naveh in the sands of Halutza. The place is so new that Google maps doesn't even name it. But it is really close to where they were temporarily.
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I can not help but see the irony here. Atzmona is a settlement which existed in Gaza and it's residents were exiled  in 2005 in order to 'give peace a chance'. So far the least cynical thing I can think of to say is that this is ironic.
Not exactly Gaza, but definitely in the same vein, I'd like to share this video of a constructive initiative. A hearty Kol Hakavod (more power to them) to these women in Gush Etzion: 

I am looking forward to a week of Pesach preparations and I hope to be thinking mainly about matzoh.
Happy Passover! !פסח כשר ושמח


Leora said...

A very newsy post. I'm glad you tend toward inclusion. Yes, we all have our boundaries.

I attended a meeting last night where the speaker implied that people in our town are not narrow-minded. In my head, I disagreed - some of the leftists in our town are very narrow-minded. This may be off your topic, or may be not.

I'm trying to get a spiritual sense of Pesach and not just the flipping from chametz to matzah thing.

Miriyummy said...

What's even more ironic is that Atzmona was originally a settlement in Sinai and moved to Gaza in 1982 to "give peace a chance." I know a family from Atzmona who have now been uprooted twice in the name of peace.

Risa said...

How much more peace do you think we can stand Mirj???

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